Spin and Sculpt Class'

Getting fit should be FUN, SIMPLE, and EASY.

Spin class hits a home run! It allows participants to work at whatever level is comfortable while getting all the benefits of aerobic exercise.


In addition to AFY is a small  Spin and Sculpt Class that provides one on one attention to assure that each member reaches their personal goals quickly. Spin is a journey on a stationary bike that is set to music which allows the participant to get a terrific cardiovascular workout while improving overall physical fitness. Tests have proven that we can burn between 550 and 700 calories per 50 minute workout -- you will feel exhilarated for hours after taking a spin class.


A 50 minute spin class trains the body to be more efficient at metabolizing fat, while challenging the body physically and mentally. Spin promotes muscular development and enables a person to feel strong and powerful.


We add 15 to 20 minutes of upper body weight training to this class to make it a complete workout. Join us 3 times a week and experience a change in your body quickly, while having fun. You will lose weight, tone your body, and feel great. Call or contact us today to find out more!


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$66- 12 class' per month
$60-  8 class' per montth

$42-  4 class' per month

No Contracts/Month to Month



Drop In:

$14 - per class
Bike availability not guaranteed

Monday 7pm
Tuesday 7pm
Thursday 7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am
Sunday   9:00am